We provide translations of documents in English, and (All other Indian Languages) to Czech and vice versa. All our translations are recognised by the Czech Embassy in Delhi and Indian banks, police, court and other Govt. Departments in India as well as Czech Republic.

With a more than 25 years of experience with the country and the language itself, we are proud to claim that our our professional translators are placed in the top in India for providing Czech to English and vice versa translations and interpretation services in India. All the translations are provided by our company only without outsourcing the same. For they have provided their services to many Indian and Czech business houses, thus eliminating the language barrier adding the colors of the present traditions and culture of both the countries where required.

For any translations which are required to be translated from other Indian languages and attested for further purposes is translated first to English and then only to Czech.

The documents are required to be translated to Czech if they are in any other language for long term stay/residency and employment card/blue card applications to be submitted to the embassy and for all other purposes in the Czech Government Departments, as per the Czech Law all the documents are accepted in the Czech government departments have to be in Czech Language only.

For purposes of use of the translations within Czech Republic and for the large no. of pages of documents, where you have time to manage the courier processes we recommend to ask our office for quotation  and for delivery time. The cost of the attested translation will be much lower including its attestation, for which you won’t require further attestations.

w.e.f. 01/02/2015

Up to 800 characters                                    Rupees 350

800 to 1200 characters                                 Rupees 450

1200 – 1800 characters                                Rupees 675

If in a page the number of characters exceed the count 1800 then, an extra charge of Rupees 1,50 per 3 characters will be charged. For extra table formats such as in Mark sheets Health Certificates etc. Rupees 150 per page will be charged extra.

All the spaces between are also included in characters

Documents required for visa applications are translated within maximum of 24 hours after the confirmation of the payments for other documents its individually decided as per the nature, text content and no. of pages for the delivery time.

For Visa applications

Police Clearance Certificates of Nepal, Bangladesh, SriLanka  Rs 1 000/- per document (the attestation of the correctness of the translation has to be done with the Embassy with a submission of required fees while applying for visa).

For Indian PCC's, Apostille is required before translation, which is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, and as per the latest information from the embassy, the document is to be issued by Regional passport office only, other Police Clearance Certificate issued by the Superintendent of police is not accepted. For more information visit

For PCC of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri lanka the superlegalisation of the PCC is done by the Embassy by submitting the required fees.

Marriage/Birth/Educational/Degrees/Death Certificates of Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

Rs 1 000/- per document (the attestation of the correctness of the translation has to be done with the Embassy with a submission of required fees while applying for visa).

Bank statements from Savings account on the name of the Visa applicant from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Rs 850/- per page, bank statements need to have the original seal and sign from the Bank branch.

(the attestation of the correctness of the translation has to be done with the Embassy with a submission of required fees while applying for visa)

(Translations of documents for Visa application purposes required the same day will be charged 100% extra).

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As on 31th of March 2016 *** Indians in Czech Republic: Total- 2198, In Prague-1270 (including Prague East and Prague West), Brno-375 (including Brno country side], Ostrava-131, Olomouc-42, Hradec Králové-46, České Budějovice-38, Plzeň-24, Liberec-47, Pardubice-19, Zlín-14, Písek-24, Ústí nad Labem-11 and in Other cities & towns-147, (Men-1577 & Women-621)** Permanent residence-548** Temporary residence-1650 *** Sri Lanka Total-108 *** Nepal Total- 286 *** Bangladesh Total-165 *** Bhutan Total-4***  (source MOI Czech Republic)
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