We provide translations of documents in English, and (All other Indian Languages) to Czech and vice versa. All our translations are recognised by the Czech Embassy in Delhi and Indian banks, police, court and other Govt. Departments in India as well as Czech Republic.

With a more than 25 years of experience with the country and the language itself, we are proud to claim that our our professional translators are placed in the top in India for providing Czech to English and vice versa translations.

We assist in all kind of attestations and legalizations (attestation of document for its further use) or superlegalization (attestation of document for its further use in Czech Republic or any other foreign country.

For the translation from Czech language our company’s certification is widely recognized by the Indian government offices as well as banks and others in India.

We assist with the Visa applications throughout the whole procedure, starting with the guidance in correct documentation required for particular purpose of application:-

More than 40 000 Students are studying in 26 public and 45 private Colleges and Universities.

We are recruiting Students having contracts with the particular Universities and are providing one stop solution for the students seeking admissions in the Czech Colleges and Universities, with selection of the departments till joining there particular colleges. The service is provided with continuous communication with the respective International departments. We assist in:

Having our presence in Czech Republic, we provide the following services:

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As on 31th of March 2016 *** Indians in Czech Republic: Total- 2198, In Prague-1270 (including Prague East and Prague West), Brno-375 (including Brno country side], Ostrava-131, Olomouc-42, Hradec Králové-46, České Budějovice-38, Plzeň-24, Liberec-47, Pardubice-19, Zlín-14, Písek-24, Ústí nad Labem-11 and in Other cities & towns-147, (Men-1577 & Women-621)** Permanent residence-548** Temporary residence-1650 *** Sri Lanka Total-108 *** Nepal Total- 286 *** Bangladesh Total-165 *** Bhutan Total-4***  (source MOI Czech Republic)
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