The long term visa is issued for the below mentioned purposes:

*   Multiple entry visa not exceeding 180 days stay validity

** Single entry visa for 60 days with 180 days validity for collection of residence permit

An application for a long-term visa for over 90 days is filed at the Czech Embassy in New Delhi for the nationals of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.  (The rule is to file the application only at the Czech Embassy in the state of which the applicant is a citizen or to the embassy accredited to the particular countries and/or which issued your current travel document or in the state in which you have a long-term or permanent residence permit)


A long term visa application is done with the completed form along with all the necessary requirements laid down by law. An applicant should, however, always submit originals or official copies of the documents. All of the documents submitted must be made out in the Czech language or officially translated into Czech.


Along with the application for a long-term visa you must submit:

a) a travel document (original)

b) 2 photographs

c) proof of accommodation,

d) document on the purpose of stay,

e) proof of funds,

f) a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register record, issued by the state of which you are a citizen, as well as the states in which, in the last 3 years, you have resided continuously for a period longer than 6 months, or a signed affidavit in the event that this state does not issue such a document (not required from a foreign national under 15 years).

Once your application is approved, prior to affixing the visa, you are obliged to submit a proof of medical travel insurance that corresponds to the specified conditions (not required if the foreign national subscribes to public health insurance or if the costs for health care are covered on the basis of an international agreement or if the foreign national can demonstrate that health care is covered in another manner), and, upon request, a document on paying the insurance presented in the proof of medical travel insurance.

The Czech Embassy is only competent for receiving an application for a long-term visa, the competent body for processing it is the MOI. During the procedure the Czech Embassy communicates with the applicant, invites him/her for an interview or calls on him/her to pick up the visa.


The application procedures are governed by the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals, the Administrative Procedure Code, and all other associated acts.


An application for a long-term visa is considered inadmissible if:

1) not all of the requirements specified by law were submitted with it,

2) it was not filed on the prescribed form,

3) it was not filed at the pertinent Czech Embassy.

In such cases, the embassy returns the application form, all of the requirements submitted to the foreign national who filed an inadmissible application, whilst informing him/her of the reasons for considering the application to be inadmissible.

The Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals sets a standard deadline of 90 days for processing an application for a long-term visa from the day it was filed. For particular complicated cases, it is 120 days from the day of filing the application and in certain cases (for the purpose of studies, pedagogical activity or research) within 60 days of filing the application.

This visa entitles the holder to multiple departure and entry to the Czech Republic.

In the case of a positive approval of your application, the Czech Embassy in India contacts the applicant – in most cases by email – to submit the arrange a date for picking up the long-term visa.

In the event of not being granted a long-term visa, the MOI informs the applicant in writing of the reasons for not granting the long-term visa, this is generally sent through the embassy and sent to your representative also (if any appointed) in Czech Republic or elsewhere. In such a case, you are required to collect the refusal reason letter personally from the embassy along with the passport (if not collecetd after application), within 15 days of receiving the information about not being granted the long-term visa, you send a request to the MOI directly for a new appraisal of the reasons for not granting a visa, the request letter should be in Czech language. Within the frame time of 60 days, the MOI will inform you in writing of the result of the new appraisal of the reasons for not granting a visa.


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As on 30. November 2014 *** Indians in Czech Republic: Total- 1643, In Prague-895, Brno-305, Ostrava-94, Olomouc-45, Hradec Králové-36, České Budějovice-27, Plzeň-27, Liberec-27, Pardubice-23, Zlín-12, Písek-11, Ústí nad Labem-11 and in Other cities-130, ** Permanent residence-507 * Temporary residence-1136 *** Sri Lanka Total-103 *** Nepal Total- 183 *** Bangladesh Total-143 *** Bhutan Total-3***  (data taken from MOI Czech Republic)


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